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ESNG Expansion Projects



2017 Expansion Project

ESNG has initiated its 2017 Expansion Project, the single largest expansion in ESNG’s history.
The 2017 Expansion Project is an approximately $117 million capital investment which consists of approximately 23 miles of pipeline looping in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware; upgrades to existing metering facilities; installation of an additional 3,750 horsepower compressor unit at the existing Daleville Compressor Station in Chester County, Pennsylvania; and approximately 17 miles of new mainline extension and the addition of two pressure control stations in Sussex County, Delaware.

The expansion project is a result of our ongoing commitment to provide new service and supply options to our customers. Additionally, the project will add significant firm transportation pipeline capacity by 25 percent pursuant to precedent agreements, which ESNG entered into with seven existing customers as well as affiliates of Chesapeake Utilities. This expansion project enables ESNG to meet the growing demand for energy that is reliable, clean and at a low cost, supporting economic growth in the region.


$117 Million

17 Miles

3,750 HP


Greenspring Expansion
In 2013, ESNG completed its Greenspring Expansion which provided firm-transportation service to support
NRG’s conversion of its coal powered generation plant to natural gas, promoting Chesapeake Utilities’ continued
growth in southern Delaware as well as growth in Maryland.


Cecil County Expansion
ESNG’s Cecil County Expansion, which was completed in 2012, provided new firm-transportation service to
support ongoing growth by Chesapeake Utilities in Maryland.


System Expansion
The 2011 System Expansion completed in 2011 provided new firm-transportation service to support additional
growth of Sandpiper Energy as well as Chesapeake Utilities in Maryland and Delaware.