Steps for Service

Once it is determined that natural gas service is desired, what is the process for obtaining the service?

Step 1: Service Request Form/Interconnect Data Sheet
Requesting party should complete a service request form and an interconnect data sheet. Eastern Shore will use the information provided therein to design initial facilities and evaluate the initial project economics. A confidentiality agreement may also be entered into if desired.
Step 2: Execute Precedent Agreement
Execute Precedent Agreement, binding ESNG and the requesting party for the service requested.
Step 3: Appropriate regulatory filing with FERC
ESNG will determine what regulatory filings and approvals are necessary based on the nature of the service requested.
Step 4: FERC and other party review
After the appropriate filing is made, it will be subject to FERC review as well as to review by ESNG’s existing shippers.
Step 5: Construction of facilities / service agreement
Once the appropriate regulatory approvals are received, construction of any new facilities required will begin. During this time, a service agreement binding ESNG and the requesting party to the transaction will be executed (this supersedes the Precedent Agreement).
Step 6: Service Commences
Once construction is complete and the service agreement is executed, natural gas service commences.

Filling out the forms: Right-click either of the links below. “Save As..” to your computer, fill-out the PDF using the form fields, and save the with the information included. Then email or fax back using the information at the top of each form.

Download  Interconnect Data Sheet Download  Service Request Form

If you would like to learn more about the possibility of natural gas transmission infrastructure, please contact: